Chuck E Cheese Coupons

Chuck E Cheese Coupons –  It’s PIZZA TIME! Come join us at Chuck E. Cheese, where a kid can be a kid! It all started when a lonely, orphan mouse named Chuck E. Cheese won a Pong tournament – a $50 prize that let him travel to New York City! He met a Pizza Maker named Pasqually there and, after learning that Chuck E. could sing, Pasqually and him teamed up to provide a great place for kids to celebrate birthdays with games, songs, and of course PIZZA! We’ve added lots of new games, apps, and videos over the years but we’re still having lots of fun providing a safe and fun place for kids to have a great birthday party! Chuck E. Cheese remembers that life at the orphanage was always best when they had birthday parties – it happened almost every week because there were so many kids there – so he and Pasqually, along with all of their friends, welcome families to celebrate with them!

Chuck E Cheese Coupons

Chuck E. Cheese has lots of great offers so we make lots of new friends and keep our old friends coming back for more fun! For coupons, Chuck E Cheese includes Chuck E Cheese printable coupons, Chuck E Cheese Token Coupons, and Chuck E Cheese Birthday Coupons like 100 Game Tokens for $25; a Large 1 topping pizza with 4 drinks and 60 tokens; and 2 Large 1 topping pizzas, 4 drinks along with 110 tokens. We’d love for you to have a Birthday Party on Friday or Sunday so we give those friends 100 free tokens when the party is booked! One of our greatest opportunities to have ongoing savings with Chuck E Cheese coupons is joining the Chuck E-Club® so you gain access to all kinds of great deals!  Parents get up to a 30% discount and our best token offers on your first coupon sheet, a rewards calendar worth 10 free tokens, and we let you know FIRST about our new treats and choices on our menu. We’ve made a lot of great additions to our menu for the kids and their parents!  Thin crust pizza, bread sticks and churros, a great salad bar with over 40 items, and an extra special treat – Mac-Cheesy Pizza!!! That’s right! We made pizza with macaroni and cheese!!! You can also snack on wings, gluten-free options (please contact us about other allergies or check our website that lists concerns about peanuts, dairy, and MSG as well as other health concerns), ciabatta sandwiches, cotton candy and… of course… BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! Did we mention that you can also get invitations for your party and all of your guests get super fun goody bags?!

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Chuck E Cheese Printable Coupons Chuck E Cheese Coupons
Chuck E Cheese Printable Coupons

Now, we know that safety is a major concern while the kids are getting whipped up into a frenzy with all of this great fun. For our concerned parents, we stamp the hand of every person who enters with a unique mark that we scan as our friends leave to ensure that every kid leaves with the right adult. Our games are separated into three sections (Toddler Zone, Kiddie Area, and Skill Games and Arcade) according to age so it’s easy to find a great spot for your kids to play, and our staff are trained to keep our restaurants clean and focused on safety. We take pride in knowing that between a great pizza party, an awesome game of skeeball, and a fantastic song and dancing to “Do The Chuck E.”, you will be confident that our environment is safe as well as fun!

Chuck E Cheese Coupons Chuck E Cheese Coupons
Chuck E Cheese Coupons

Have you seen our great videos on YouTube? This is where you can watch all of our videos and learn what we’re doing next to make Chuck E. Cheese even more fun! Great songs that your kids can learn and where you can learn about our friends – including an Armadillo named Phil! Kids can also play our fantastic games on your smartphone and win up to a THOUSAND tickets for your next visit!

We care a great deal about our community and we host school and non-profit fund-raisers – just give us a call! 15% of all sales from your group will go to your school and you’ll also get promotional materials, a 10-free-token sticker for each child, a free meal and a trip in the Ticket Blaster® for all teachers in attendance, and a visit from the main mouse, himself – Chuck E. Cheese will come to your school on the day of the event! We also work alongside with Big Brother and Big Sister so more kids have the opportunity to play and make friends with us!

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Chuck E Cheese Coupons 2019 Chuck E Cheese Coupons
Chuck E Cheese Coupons 2019

We also understand that it’s getting harder to have a great party with the kids at a decent price. We have developed a great collection of Chuck E Cheese coupons including Chuck E Cheese Printable coupons, Chuck E. Cheese Token coupons, and Chuck E. Cheese Birthday coupons! Whether you like Wack-A-Mole classic games or the latest and greatest, we have a fully stocked arcade section that contributes to the great time we always have with our friends! One of the things our visiting kids love is when they collect all of their tickets they’ve won playing fun games and they can exchange them for GREAT PRIZES!  Plus, you get to meet the main mouse, himself – Chuck E. Cheese will come out and join your party’s fun.

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Chuck E Cheese Locations

We have lots of locations around the United States and Canada and, while we already have lots of happy and loyal friends, we would LOVE to meet you and your friends! As an orphan, Chuck E. Cheese knows how important having lots of friends to play with is and he gets so EXCITED when he gets to meet new people! We have the best games, the greatest food, and the most wonderful prizes that you’ll want to come back again and again! We have friends who used to come here when THEY were kids and now they’re bringing kids of their own! What a FANTASTIC way to keep the fun going! So, next time you have a big event or a birthday coming up, give us a call and come out to Chuck E. Cheese – Where a Kid can be a Kid!